"Experience The Beginning of A Transformational Journey"

We have developed our application with perfect combination of principles & protocols that completely aligns with the Business strategies of our partners and incorporates all Modern & Technologically Advanced functionalities to improve our end user Experience.

Functions and Features of Jo App is its Unique Selling Proposition.

Features of Jo App

Jo App

Access to thousands of Retail Offers across the city.
Comparison with multiple vendors for similar products.
Option to search by the name of a store or a category of a product.
Navigation feature facilitates the location search for a store, making it user-friendly.
A Chance to avail Special Offers and Discounts which are nowhere else to be found.
An impeccable interface makes it user-friendly.

Jo App Partners

A platform to connect with customers across the city.
Improves brand value and enhances customer base for store owners.
Publicize and promote offers and discounts to attract the consumers.
Independent account and backend portal for self-updating of Offers.
Receive the customer details in the form of a notification before their arrival in the store.
A customer support panel to resolve any impediments.
Features of Jo App Partners

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